Meet Making Your Own Bed

Hello friends! I finally have my very own video! Please check out both videos to learn about me and my coaching!

It’s here, my very own Making Your Own Bed video. It can be really hard for folks to understand how my coaching works, how it could benefit them, or if I’m even a good fit to help them out. With the help of some of my amazing clients, really amazing clients, very brave clients, and the help of Rick and Meagan Brandt of Halfmoon Film Company, I have my very own video. It breaks down who I am in this work, my passion for this work, and how I get to help people every single day.

Please feel free to share the heck out of this video. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you think about the video, and I also want you to let me know topics that you might want me to cover relating to your intimacy and relationships. I’m going to be on social media a lot more and I want to make sure that I’m covering what’s relevant to you. For those of you that comment or leave a suggestion, you will qualify to win this fascinating and hilarious book by Mary Roach called Bonk, which talks about all kinds of different scientists and different figures through the ages that have studied and tested sex.

This is not a scientific book. It’s actually really hilarious and just super interesting. You’re going to be the hit at your next dinner party, for sure, all the interesting facts that you’re going to be able to spew. So, thanks guys. I’m really excited to be more available, be posting more, be a voice, be supporting, having you guys support me. So, thanks so much and keep your eyes and ears peeled for all kinds of amazing goodies. See you later.

Without further ado, my brand video!

Thank you all again for the love and support, talk to you very soon!

xo Jackie

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