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Master Lover Mindset: For Men Who Desire To Be Better Lovers



Saturday, 9/24, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday, 12/3, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

This incredible workshop is normally $525. Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing, just $425 if you register by 9/1.

This workshop is for men who desire more. Men who want to become better lovers, dare I say “master lovers”. And men who are ready to explore their erotic potential through the mind, the body and the heart. This workshop is conducted in a setting that is playful, safe and honoring. It is both educational and experiential. You can expect to gain a greater acceptance of yourself as an erotic being and to discover ways to develop a more satisfying erotic relationship with others.

In This Workshop, We Will:

Cultivate your divine masculinity and create desire

Use erotic touch to both give and receive pleasure, intensify it and drive your partner crazy

Connect with your sexual energy though conscious breath

Discuss boundaries and how they shift

Acquire erotic skills like the Pin Down, the Hair Pull, and the Six Modalities of Touch

Understand female anatomy, and learn about the importance of the clit, G spot, and erectile tissue in orgasm

Experience hands-on practice with loving, honest and supportive female sex and intimacy teachers

Please join us to enhance your erotic skills in a community of men full of acceptance – and be inspired to be your best erotic self!

This workshop is taught by Jackie Meldrum and Amy Weissfeld.

About Jackie

Jackie is an Intimacy and Relationship Coach trained in the Somatica™ Method, an interactive, experiential, body-based practice that heightens and deepens communication, connection, compassion and intimacy. Clients seek her out because they want more fulfilling relationships and sexually aware lives. If these ideas tantalize, provoke, or awaken you, you’re right where you need to be. For answers. For guidance. For exploration. For experience. For care. Making Your Own Bed™

Like so many of us, she spent most of her life in fear of losing connections and relationships for being “too much” or “not enough” of herself. As she’s moved through her own growth and training she’s learned that we are all allowed to be imperfect, emotional, and sexual. With the tools of her trade, she’s learned how to ask for what she needs and desires to have her most passionate and fulfilling connections.


About Amy
An unabashed hedonist, Amy’s life goal is to empower people to enjoy the pleasure of their own bodies and to heal body shame.

We each have the power to transform ourselves into healthier, authentic and loving beings. Tapping into our sexual power and letting go of culturally induced body shame and repression are crucial steps, and Amy enjoys guiding women & men along the path she herself has stumbled upon.

Amy is a certified Betty Dodson Bodysex Facilitator and Orgasm Coach, Sex Educator, Mother of two, Wife, and Friend. She focuses on sex positivity and the importance of masturbation in our lives.

Core belief: Knowing yourself and your own body makes you a happier person, a better partner, and an improved lover.

She loves: Skinny dipping, laughter, time in the woods, being on the mountain, strong women, a sense of humor, dogs, adventure, intimacy, integrity and beauty of all kinds.


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