Making Your Own Love – Individuals

Making Your Own Love for single or attached women coming to session on their own.

We all have the same deep need to connect; the need for true intimacy, love, and attachment. We all want to be seen, heard, and desired. We want a safe space where we can be vulnerable, be too much, and not enough, make mistakes, and be imperfect, but still be loved and accepted. I am here to help you discover and communicate how you want to be loved. 

During our time together you will learn to:

  • Heal the wounds and fears that hold you back
  • Exercises in connecting with yourself and others
  • Expressing yourself when you are vulnerable, uncomfortable and angry
  • Reverse limiting beliefs about how loveable, and worth love you are
  • Identify your emotional, mental, and sexual boundaries and how to express them to others
  • Learn to give and receive attention, affection, and touch
  • Tap into your emotional and sexual needs and how to ask for them
  • Release from inhibitions, shame, and fear
  • Jumpstart a low/no sex drive
  • Work with erectile challenges and painful sex

Sessions are $145 for 75 minutes


During our consultation, we will discuss what is happening for you now, what you want for your future, and how I can help you achieve those desires. Consultations can be held in person, Skype, or phone.


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