Making Your Own Love – Couples


During our time together, you and your partner will learn to communicate clearly and honestly to reinvent your sex life and discover your closest relationship.

  • Learn how to stay in the moment when you are angry and not leave, shut down or lash out
  • Untangle frustrating communication patterns
  • Skill Building in emotional closeness, affection, reassurance, communication, arguing, confidence
  • Learn how to meet your partner’s unique emotional needs
  • Helping rekindle or discover the passion and closeness in your relationship
  • Exercises in arousal, touch, technique, fantasies, playfulness, flirting, dirty talk, roleplay, and exploration
  • Experience closeness without inhibitions, shame or body image issues
  • Unravel lack of sex drive, sex out of obligation, bedroom boredom, distractions, painful sex, erection challenges, inexperience, and mismatched libidos

Sessions are $145 for 75 minutes.


During our consultation, we will discuss what is happening for you now, what you want for your future, and how I can help you achieve those desires. Consultations can be held in person, Skype, or phone.



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