Like so many of us, I spent a lot of time feeling lost, abandoned and frustrated in my relationships. I had no real understanding of what I needed in order to feel close, connected and intimate with my partners. Although I felt hopeless at times, I also knew things could be different for me. As I moved through my own growth and training, I learned that I’m allowed to be imperfect, vulnerable and sexual. I learned how to ask for what I needed to be seen, heard, loved and accepted so I could finally have my most passionate and fulfilling connections. With all of these amazing skills and tools that have changed my life, I now get to help you discover your most loving relationship and fulfilling sex life possible!

For couples coming to session

When your relationship has the emotional and intimate closeness you need there is no deeper joy, so when disconnection from one another happens it can be extremely painful. The distance that occurs when you keep running into the same communication pitfalls, frustrating behaviors and intimacy challenges can take an intense toll on each of you. As your coach, I am here to help move you forward using practical skills, tools, and information that untangle those stuck emotions and sexual blocks so you can have the deeply fulfilling connection you desire.

For single or attached women coming to session on their own:

I’m here for you as well, ladies. Together, we will help you find your voice to clearly express your feelings, needs, and boundaries in order to do away with patterns and behaviors that continue to get in your way. For us women, I understand the emotional and physical challenges of relationships, marriage, and being single. As your coach, I can help you uncover what you need for your deepest fulfillment, along with the training and experience that will make these changes comfy, fun, and truly authentic to what you need.


During our consultation, we will discuss what is happening for you now, what you want for your future, and how I can help you achieve those desires. 

Consultations can be held in person, Skype, or phone.


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